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Welcome to the wiki for the BG/P Open Source project sponsored by Argonne National Laboratory and IBM.

Argonne and IBM are partnering to support the Open Source development of Blue Gene software. The computing community will have access to the bulk of the Blue Gene systems software and can participate in its development. A tentative schedule is shown below. The main open source mailing list is bg-opensource.

Meetings, Events, and Discussions

SC08 Systems Management Birds-of-a-Feather Meeting

Blue Gene components

PackageCommunity Type Tentative Formation Date (first drop) mailing list
Linuxfull community (existing) bg-linux
Toolchain full community (existing) bg-toolchain
DCMF/SPIs full community 12/2007 dcmf
MPICH2 full community (existing) note: use mpich2 base code and apply patch from DCMF/SPIs wiki
CNK/CIOD reference drops cnk ramdisk (Includes CIOD)
Perf APIs reference drop 1/2008
mpirun full community (existing) bg-mpirun
Navigator reference drop (existing) bg-navigator
Event Log Analysis (ELA) full community (existing)
ScalableDebug full community (existing)
Scheduler APIs full community (existing) bg-sched-api
Research Software
Plan 9 [1] full community Source Code (git) plan9-bgp
Kittyhawk [1] full community Source Code (git)

[1] - Plan 9 and Kittyhawk are experimental research system software packages, not supported portions of the product

General low level code that most source rpms depend on

Mostly the arch/SPI header files
SPI library
The MMCS devel RPM

Blue Gene documentation

PPC440 FP2 Architecture

PowerPC 440 Users Guide$file/ppc440x6_um_v7_pub_2008.pdf

Blue Gene Software Stack Availability

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